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The Language Of The Heart is a book that speaks volumes about the importance of integrating preventive health checks by integrating various proactive lifestyle strategies and approaches to promote heart health. The author of the Language of the Heart Dr. Maxine Bennett-Marsh outlines several *aspects of healthy lifestyle choices *for individuals to consider choosing to follow if they desire to. Dr. Marsh is passionate about emphasizing the importance of preventing heart attacks and strokes through educating individuals about the importance of integrating preventive health strategies. One reason that Dr. Maxine Marsh is passionate about individuals being proactive about making healthy decisions about making lifestyle improvements is because of the frequent occurrence of heart attacks and strokes is in the United States and globally. Although the United States ranks higher than average in terms of the global economy and wealth, in many cases, lifestyle improvements need to be made to enhance life* expectancy.


Over the past 5 years, the rates of heart attacks and strokes have occurred at alarming rates worldwide. In the United States, more than 2000 deaths are reported daily (Li et al., 2018). These health challenges can be attributed in part to poor diet, hypertension, lack of regular exercise, increased alcohol consumption, smoking, and obesity. At the same time, individuals may decide to make lifestyle choices that can positively impact longevity by having quarterly physician visits, monitoring blood pressure levels, selecting foods that are nutriuous and that can promote heart health and physical well-being, engaging in smoking cessation programs or by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (AA), by participating in medical management strategies and services, exercising to tolerance as directed by medical professionals and by abstaining from alcohol and tobacco products. (Hall 2020).

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